Strategic Renewal Through CVUs

Addressing the challenge of established companies to continuously innovate their competitive advantage for future profitable growth, this study identifies distinctive organizational characteristics in emerging types of corporate venturing units to act as vehicles for such strategic renewal. Using theoretical sampling, the cross-case analysis of semi-structured interviews and archival data from 29 established European companies uncovers a planned or opportunistic innovation logic, along sidesensing, seizing, and/or transforming capabilities within the unit as main distinctive dimensions. This leads to the identification of (i) six types of corporate venturing units with (ii) three types achieving a planned innovation logic through interlinked structures and processual ambidexterity, from which (iii) one type provides the highest strategic potential by also covering sensing, seizing, and transforming capabilities.


Conference Paper published at the 22nd CINet Conference (September 2021) including:

  • Theoretical background to corporate venturing, organizational ambidexterity and dynamic capabilities
  • Introduction to the studies methodology, analysis and framework of different organizational approaches of corporate venturing for organizational ambidexterity

Overview of discussion approaches, main findings and implications fortheory and practice

„These findings clarify how established companies can potentially leverage ‘strategic corporate venturing’ to renew their competitive advantage by creating organizationally relevant new business.“
Dr. Dominik Kanbach, Jun.-Prof., HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
11 pages
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September 2021

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Lysander Weiss
As part of the HHL Strategic Entrepreneurship Research Group, Lysander Weiss conducts research in collaboration with Junior Professor Dominik Kanbach. In addition to his academic research, Lysander Weiss is partner of the strategy consultancy Venture Idea and co-author of several management books on strategy, innovation and new work.
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dominik Kanbach
As the leader of the Research Group Strategic Entrepreneurship, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kanbach drives the research activities at the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Chair for Strategic Management and Digital Entrepreneurship with over 30 Ph.D. candidates and researchers. His research projects focus on a variety of topics on the interface between strategy and entrepreneurship including how established companies work together with start-ups, try to bring in more entrepreneurial spirit into their organizations and make use of disruptive technologies for new products, business models or processes to master the challenges of the digital transformation.

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