Designing for the Machine-Centered World - Gratis Whitepaper zum Download

As machines drive more buying choices, we must accept them as a new customer group and change how we design, describe, communicate, price and present products and services to them.

Together with innogy Innovation Hub Gmbh Venture Idea published a whitepaper on the subject of machine thinking. Read the introduction below and download the whitepaper for free:

In late 2016, a child in Dallas asked her family’s Amazon Echo “Can you play dollhouse with me and get me a dollhouse?” The device ordered a dollhouse for her. When a news anchor repeated the story, the phrase “Alexa ordered me a dollhouse” triggered Amazon virtual personal assistants (VPAs) in the homes of viewers to also order dollhouses for their unwitting owners.

In spring 2017, an advertisement for Burger King included the line “OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?” Which prompted any Google Home VPAs within earshot to begin describing the burgers to their owners?

In the future – perhaps the near future – your autonomous car will not only decide when it needs maintenance, but shop for the best price, schedule an appointment and drive itself to the shop. If it is an electric vehicle, it will shop for charging stations and drive itself to the location with the best price and the most open charging poles. A little further in the future it might even own itself and run its own ride-sharing service.

You got curious and want to read the whole whitepaper?

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