The Corporates Strike Back

How large companies win the innovation race against disruptive start-ups
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The Corporates Strike Back

The Corporates Strike Back
„The road to successful innovation management is long –this book is the shortcut“
Thomas Weiler, VP Innovation Portfolio & Strategic Programs, Deutsche Telekom

65% of global CEOs are concerned about losing the innovation race against disruptive start-ups. The supposed solution: copying their methods. But as corporations are not start-ups, this is a fatal mistake. Most ideas never reach successful implementation, and innovation becomes frustration. So how does a solution look like that enables large firms to systematically leverage their existing strength and thus win the innovation race sustainably? The answer is the 5C process for efficient innovation. This book closes a gap in the practice-oriented innovation literature - and brings the desire for innovation back to established companies.


  • Introduction to "efficient innovation" for established companies
  • Overview of the 5C-process and individual process steps for systematic innovation
  • Insights into the organisation of an efficient innovation management
  • Concrete tools and methods for the implementation of strategic innovation projects
  • Practical examples from over 20 companies, including Telekom, Lufthansa Systems, L’Oréal, Schaeffler, MediaMarktSaturn and many more
"An overdue update on traditional R&D processes for the 21st century“
Uwe Wagner, CTO, Schaefller
"Anyone who has ever experienced the methodology described here in practice will hide the book from the competition“
Dr. Carsten Stöcker, Global Future Council-Member, World Economic Forum
"A convincing method to stay ahead in times of constant change“
Oliver Krüger, CEO, Lufthansa Systems


Lucas Sauberschwarz
Managing Partner
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Dr. Lysander Weiß
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